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When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.

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ZINNA - The Voice Of Child

To be the voice of those speechless children who are going to be the future of our country.

January 20, 2020

Organisation of fun events and sports events in "Kshitish Deaf And Dumb School" of Nivaranpur, Doranda , Ranchi. You may see the glory on their face.

Well, that's what we work for i.e, to bring smile on their face.

100 Participants

It's just the beginning we have a long way to go.

Many Events

Started 3 years back we've successfully conducted many events.

Many Supporters

Sponsorship is a great source of additional revenue and contacts and that's why we focus on the same.

₹ 750,000 Donated

We thank our sponsors for helping us reach out a threshold of Rs. 750,000.

Participation is everything

At ZINNIA, we urge you to participate in the events by donating for those who really need it. We accept small contributions too.

ZINNIA - The Voice Of Child is an organization started by some students to support children who in any way are challenged physically, mentally or financially and try to give them a pedestal to represent their talent which gets hidden behind the tag of disabled given by our so called “elite” society.Together we can help these children to find their correct status and change the perception of world towards them.Being busy can make you rich, but being rich makes you feel busier still so , Come be the part of us, be the voice of those speechless children who are going to be the future of our country.

Conditions of Participation

We have answered some frequently asked questions which may arise in the mind of new participants.

There is no age limit to be an active donator at zinnia
Today, while we have a choice of numerous shopping malls in the city, there're many unprivillaged ones who still have nothing to wear to save themselves from weather conditions.
For the same reason, we accept clothes too.
Currently we don't have any open positions. However, we'll surely let you know the process when there is one.
At ZINNIA we're trying our best to help every unprivillaged students in each of the ways possible.
Currently we're donating books, dresses and food items to them.
We will expand the areas soon.
We understand that youngsters and students don't earn; For the same reason you may choose to donate your old books and clothes.
If you're really keen to donate for a better society, you may contact us at zinniazinnia01@gmail.com
You may either reach to us using our email, phone.

Our office address is:
ZINNIA - The Voice Of Child, Near ratanlal garage , gandhi tola chaibasa , west singhbhum jharkhand ,833201
Education, Child labour, Basic requirements
Currently we're not providing any such certificates.

Donate & Support Our Move

Name: Abhishek Kumar Gupta
A/C : 4516101001645
IFSC: CNRB0004516

Charity & love are the same

ZINNIA – The Voice Of Child. Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference. The condition of children today who are involved in Child labour in India is alarming. Majority of them have never been to school, they can’t even write their names or do there basic works. Some of them work for more than 10 hours a day. All this is hampering their growth and development. No child deserves to live like this. We at zinnia - The Voice Of Child believe that every child needs to live there childhood by exploring there own interest areas as well as their basic education and every child deserves a happy and a safe childhood. Let’s call upon our members to do all it takes to prevent children from getting into such work situations. Every bit of support is vital if we get it from you

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Work office: Jyotibihar Apartment, Kishore Ganj, Ranchi, 834001
Registered Office: Gandhi Tola, Chaibasa, Jharkhand

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